The Problem

The Ebola War of 2014-15 impacted thousands of Liberian families, leaving hundreds of Ebola orphans in the Banjor area alone. Extended families who are volunteering to foster their orphaned kin often struggle financially to provide for their basic needs. Many children in the area, including Ebola orphan children, are not able to attend school because of the lack of funds available from their families.

The Proposal

Pastor John Fefegula has a dream to start a tuition-free Elementary/Primary school to provide basic education for the needy children he has served in his community for years. The foundation is complete and construction on the walls has begun. Africa Heartwood Project has agreed to publicize his efforts so donors can provide support, and their donations can be tax deductible in the USA. Pastor John is asking for $25,000 USD to complete the school.

The Payoff

Once the school is complete it is hoped that Ebola orphans living in low-income families in the Banjor area will be able to receive a free basic education close to home, thus beginning the process of empowering them to change their life circumstances by providing knowledge that can lead to self-reliance.

The Project

Pastor John’s Ebola Orphan School in Liberia is under construction and is in need of funds to complete the project. Africa Heartwood Project is posting the information about this school as a courtesy to Pastor John and to donors who may wish to make a tax-deductible donation. All information provided on this page comes from Pastor John and has been reviewed by Andy Jones of Africa Heartwood Project.

What Andy has verified:

  • Pastor John is a real person with a real church and a real ministry among Ebola widows and orphans in Liberia
  • The Christian Community Fellowship is a registered NGO in Liberia, holds weekly meetings, and has baptized members of a congregation under the direction of John Fefegula and his wife
  • The school building is currently under construction
  • There is a need for a school that can provide free education to Ebola orphans in the community
  • Prices noted on the budget request are reasonable based on local market rates for labor and materials

What donors should verify from Pastor John:

  • Who owns the land on which the school is being built?
  • Who will run the school once it is complete? How will it be operated to ensure quality education?
  • How will the school be financed year over year to ensure the school remains fee-free for ebola orphans in the community?

What Africa Heartwood Project is doing to help:

AHP will accept donations on behalf of Pastor John so that US-based donors can take advantage of tax deductions through our 501c3 status. We will:

  • provide a donation receipt for contributions made by check or through PayPal
  • send all funds received (less donation processing fees charged by the payment method, and electronic money transfer fees) to Pastor John
  • provide an AHP staff member to accompany Pastor John to purchase construction materials for which donations have been given
  • follow up on construction status periodically and post photos to this page when available

Note that because this is not an Africa Heartwood Project program we cannot guarantee transparency or accountability of use of funds once they have been transferred to Pastor John. Donors are encouraged to communicate directly with Pastor John to follow up on how their donation has been used to build the school.


Christian Community Fellowship’s Ebola Orphan School Proposal
Includes history, project proposal, budget, and photos of current construction status.

Christian Community Orphan Ministry NGO Documents from 2015
Includes photos of Liberian NGO registration documents for Pastor John’s faith-based charity

We urge potential donors to contact Pastor John directly for more information about his project: 

  • Pastor John’s email:
  • Pastor John’s phone number in Liberia: +231-777-566-302
  • Pastor John’s location: Near Faith Clinic on Hotel Africa Road, just past the car washing spot, Virginia, Montserrado County. Click for a Google Map of the Christian Community Fellowship church building location

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